Like booze? Like Desserts? Well then this is for you! Our recipe for the incredibly easy to make and yummy gingerbread martini with the added 'Well it is Christmas' excuse.
To make 4 Martinis you will need Martini glasses and a cocktail shaker, plus:
3 shots vodka 30ml
3 shots Baileys Irish Cream liqueur
2 shots Tia Maria liqueur
2 shots gingerbread syrup

Brown Sugar (for the rim of the glasses)
Whipped cream 
Gingernut  Biscuits

Optional christmas sprinkles

First grab two small plates and on one put a little Tia Maria and on the second spread out some brown sugar. Dip the glasses first in the Tia Maria and then the sugar and give a little twist this makes your glasses pretty and taste yum!

Put all of your shots into the cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes to chill and give it a good shake, just like Tracey in the picture! Then pour through the drainer to keep the ice out of the drink into the glasses.

Add a squirt of whipped cream and the sprinkle on crushed ginger biscuits, sit back relax and enjoy this very tasty treat. We recommend you get you kids to leave one out for Santa on Christmas Eve ;-)

We also tried special mini gingerbreadmen sprinkles but we think maybe they look like cat biscuits! Still yummy though - go and experiment and post a link to your pictures on our facebook page!

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